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About me

My name is Magdalena Tjäder, I am a Southern Sami who originally comes from Jämtland but has lived in Stockholm for 10 years. In the autumn of 2020, I started my company design changes, which mainly include Sami jewelery such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings. The jewelery that I both designed and sewed myself from scratch is in the Sami spirit but with a more modern touch. However, I always start from the traditional handicraft and take a lot of inspiration from old Sami objects.


My jewelery is primarily aimed at women and men, but I also have a children's collection. My wide bracelets and all rings have a rigid, open and stepless design. This makes the size flexible and fits most people. My design is unique, and since I developed it myself, I am the only one in the market for it. I use only the best materials I find on the market. The reindeer skin that is environmentally friendly comes from Keros in Sattajärvi. I also work with pewter and some jewelry also includes pearls. Since much of my inspiration comes from nature and that I work with natural materials, it is natural that I also chose the natural colors brown, black, natural and white on the reindeer skin I work with.

A little background facts about me: I have handicrafted all my adult life and started already in the middle stage learning the basics of the Sami handicraft. I continued on the handicraft line at the Sami folk high school in Jokkmokk. There, my curiosity for different handicraft techniques awoke and I gained a solid foundation in the Sami handicraft during the years I trained there. I also have the duodji brand, which is a quality assurance for genuine Sami handicrafts.  

In the future, I want to further develop my design. I love to challenge myself and with that I think to broaden my views in new areas in the future. It will be a real pleasure to share with you some of the ones I create and will create in design changes.


With love Magdalena

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